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Air Sucking Masturbation Cup For Men


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Power Supply Instructions

1. Use the magnetic charging cable to align the magnetic charging port on the back of the airplane cup
2. The power supply specifications are different, and the charging speed is also different. The normal time is about 3 hours. After charging, the indicator light and the No. 6 faith light will always be on.
3. When fully charged, the continuous working time is about 40 minutes, depending on the environment, temperature and frequency of use.
4. It is recommended to charge when the vibration or sucking strength is significantly weakened.

Usage Notice

1. For the first use, it is recommended to fully charge the product and charge the product through a magnetic charging cable
2. For the first use, according to your own habits, use warm water or special detergent to wipe the product and rinse the inner tank.
3. Before using the product, apply a proper amount of lubricant to the inner bladder and penis. This product does not need to be used with a condom.

Maintenance Instructions

1. When cleaning the product, clean the inner tank separately, and do not rinse the body.
2. After cleaning, wipe the inner tank with a dry towel, non-woven fabric, or paper towel to dry it naturally, and store it back into the cup.
3. Do not place the inner tank in direct sunlight, high temperature, heavy pressure, and humid places to avoid damage.
4. It is recommended to use for a period of time and replace the inner tank.

Product Accessories

Manual, Base, Airplane cup, Standard liner, Magnetic data cable, Liner cleaning absorbent towel

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Black, White


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