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Automatic Sucking Male Masturbator Cup


Color: Black
Noise: <60 dB
Working Time: > 60 Min
Heating: 2 Modes
Size: 220 * 95 MM

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The new product Airturn 3 has powerful sucking and vibration functions. And it is a very soft skin-like TPR material, flexible and elastic, suitable for any size, and detachable design for easy cleaning. Is a good choice

Automatic air sucking, tongue spiraling around the sense of spiral, shrinking pinch sense channel contraction, mouth suction sense negative pressure suction, tooth grinding sense channel scraping

Simulates the real touch of the flesh, and the fleshy grains are staggered and stimulated, and the 4D fleshy channel is all-rounded

3*6=18 kinds of vibration modes, strong shock sucking stimulation will suck and clip will shake to bring you a different kind of pleasure experience

Kindly Remind:

Please carefully read the instruction manual and directions before to use

Clean before to use, flush with warm water or mild detergent and dry with a towel

Keep sanitation of item is recommended to safely enjoy the massage experience

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