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Male Penis Delay Trainer Masturbator


Package weight: 181 g
Material: ABS+Silicone
Rated current: ≤300 mA
Control type: button
Warranty period: 1 year
Vibration mode: 8 frequency strong vibration
Product accessories: manual, charging cable

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This male penis trainer is a newly upgraded and innovative product. It uses multiple locks, can be manually adjusted, and adapts to the size of the penis, making the product fit the penis more closely, and can be directly tied to the penis The upper and lower hands do not need to be held. Say goodbye to the hand hemp. The glans can be fully wrapped to make the pleasure stronger, one device for multiple uses, two-in-one exercise and masturbation, compact shape, flexible operation, and easy to carry.

Product Use:

1. Vibration exercise can be used to reduce the sensitivity of the glans, which can make those who have premature ejaculation have sex for a longer time. Regular use of this product to exercise the penis can also help the penis to be taller and firmer. Some people with impotence can also get a certain improvement by using the training device.
2. This product can not only exercise the penis, but also can be used for soothing, and can be used to push, and it is more pleasant than the traditional airplane cup. It is also very pleasant through strong shocks and can achieve the effect of ejaculation.

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