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Realistic Sucking Masturbations Toys


1. It is close to the real sucking feeling
2. It can cooperate with the rhythm of the hands and not contradict
3. Rich manual mode, automatically adjust the speed
4. Adjust the vibration size through the “+” and “-” buttons to find the appropriate vibration, or you can turn off the vibration
5.Channel super stimulation, juicing super gelievable! The entrance is stimulated by particles, the middle part of the spiral meat cluster is crowded out for massage, and the bottom part of the spiral cavity is surrounded by friction
6. Easy to disassemble and wash. The design separates the electronic part from the soft adhesive part, which can be disassembled and assembled in a few seconds

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The product contains a “strong high pressure pump” can produce a steady stream of air negative pressure in the cup cavity after energizing, and then drive the gel shrinkage peristalsis, the overall effect is very close to real people.

Clean the soft glue in contact with human body directly in the faucet, remember not to turn over to wash, turn over to wash will damage the soft glue, clean after air drying, after air drying can be installed.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. The default name on the package is “Toy” (please give us a message if you have any other requirements). With our careful packaging, you can shop safely and the only person who knows what is inside the package is you!

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