1. Bullet or vibrator, what’s the difference?

Bullet and vibrators are common sex toys. Many people confuse them, or think they have a cross or include relationship, but they are just like shower gel and shampoo. They have different uses.
Bullet is small, easy to carry, it comes in two styles: inside and out , generally mainly used to clitoris and near the labia, it is more suitable for sisters with sensitive clitoris. It is a little difficult to achieve vaginal orgasm by bullet. The vibrator is usually long strip that penetrates into the vagina to produce a strong stimulus. But if you use a bullet excite your vagina, you will felt rather awkward.

2. Why is the anal vibrator specially designed, can I replace it with my bullet vibrators and vagina vibrators?

The anal vibrator generally has a base part, which is to prevent it from slipping in, and the base design of the back bar can also be massaging into the perineum to make the stimulation more intense. More importantly, when we use the vagina vibrator, our hands are in front of us, and it is very convenient to enjoy by one person. But the anal is in the back, and it is not easy to get in by hand. If we use the vagina vibrator or egg instead, especially some small sticks, it will easier to slip into the anus.
Regarding the back, I suggest you play it with lubrication to avoid injury. Common lubricants are water-based and silicon-based. I recommended to use silicon-based, which is more durable, but not easy to wash.

3. Still need a boyfriend and girlfriend when you have toys, can toys replace partners?

Toys and partners have their own benefits. Toys have vibrational frequencies that no one will ever be able to reach. Purely from the point of view of the degree of physiological stimulation, it is very intense, but the sense of interaction between real people, the beauty of skin contact, the happiness of emotional integration and so on, toys can never give.

However, Kids make choices, adults make them all.