You Misunderstand Sex Toys!

Recently I found a amazing British TV series Sex Education, the character Amy is always trying to satisfy her partner’s feelings.Even during sex, Amy tried to act like she enjoyed it, even faking an orgasm until her boyfriend saw right through her and told her: Girls have sex too. What do you want? Amy never thought about what she wanted during sex, and no one ever asked her that question until she masturbated with a Sex Toy, and she figured out what kind of love she wanted. Amy was an awful lot like a lot of real girls: unable to face up to her sexual needs. However, the reality is that many women can only fully experience an orgasm when they masturbate.

Now Let’s openly talk about the Sex Toys that play an important role in girls’ masturbation! When it comes to “Sex Toys” or “Sex Products”, what comes to your mind? What would you say if it was a girl who used these things? More and more women are using sex toys such as Dildos, egg vibrator etc. And some are even sharing their experiences openly on social media. Actually this is a good thing.

A sexology professor has said that 10 percent of men and women between the ages of 27 and 35 have never had sex, with women growing much faster than men and continuing to soar.Women’s sexual desire is suppressed, the original purpose of the female sex toys to cater to the concept of happy embrace of sex has become the best channel. But many people still worry about these gadgets: are sex toys just for single people? Are sex toys for sexually disturbed couples? Do women lose their virginity by using sex toys? Doesn’t using sex toys make me less sensitive? Do sex toys harm your partner’s self-esteem? And so on.All those fears proved unfounded, however. Sex toys are not only suitable for single, but also to enhance the sexual interest and mood between partners. Sex toys can not only help you have sex, but they can also help your woman have a different orgasm experience. As for whether sex toys can make men feel disused, just want to answer the question in the words of American sexologist Price: “A vibrator can help you have an orgasm (that’s what it’s for, right?), but it can never replace hugging, kissing and smiling. Can you flirt with a vibrator?”. The Museum of Sex in New York once held an exhibition called “Sex in Design/Design in Sex”, traced the evolution of sex toy aesthetics and experimentation a decade ago: Initially sold in novelty stores, these objects initially looked like human body parts and gradually evolved from weird, rough, simulated shapes to elaborate, customizable designs. Sex toys are just the best tools you can use to help you have sex. Toys are good things, whether they are related to sex or not, the important thing is to bring happiness.

Wake up, sex toys are not a modern civilization, and many would argue that modern society must be more open when it comes to sex. Sex toys have a longer history than you might think. The oldest known sex toy is a stick made of siltstone that was unearthed in Germany and is about 2,800 years old. In 45 BC, Egyptian queen Cleopatra used bees to make a natural vibration device. And some of the sex artifacts have been publicly sold in Western countries for a long time.Even in China, where sexual culture is very conservative, phallus-like artifacts were discovered at a construction site in Shanghai in 2000; as far back as the 14th century Ming Dynasty in China, Jin Ping Mei, one of the most famous novels of Chinese sexual culture, contains references to sex toys. By the 19th century, sex tools were being marketed as medical devices for a large number of women. In 1880, most women in London, England, contracted a disease called “Hysteria”, the most effective treatment for the disease is a technique called “pelvic massage”. Commonly known as “pelvic health care”, doctors use their fingers, apply essential oil, into the pelvic cavity of patients for slow and regular massage, so that they can achieve sudden stimulation. The young doctor was determined to free his hands, and with the help of the popularization of electricity, he invented a magic instrument, it is the prototype of a female sex toy, was originally invented to cure diseases. Women use it to massage their heads, waists, and, well, other more private areas. By 1917, there were more of them in American homes than toasters. After all, clever humans have discovered a different use for massager… At the end of the 20th century, massagers became more beautiful and more functional. While the biggest challenge for sex toys remains social taboos, in the 21st century, women want more autonomy when it comes to sex. From 2010 to 2015, only 1/6 of women are willing to accept sex toys, but in 2016, the growth rate of global sex toys sales reached a crazy 51 times.

There’s always some story between women and sex toys, from the earliest time, women identified the same sex who used sex toys as sluts, to they mutual research sex with girlfriend, and then sex toys are very popular in human’s life. Adult products become more acceptable and enjoy using them by women.

Girls who boldly talk about her sex desire are the sexiest. Sex, the normal adult desire, is being madly repressed. For many married women, sex is rarely about their own needs and is simply about procreation, or a way to please their husband. There was such a scene in the movie Casa Amor: The hostess said in the play that she believes that a woman’s true independent state is not only economic independence, but quality of life; more importantly, you must be the master of your own desires when you close the door. This is also how she opens women. The original intention of the sex shop. The film, wrapped in an R-rated shell, is a stark reminder of the plight of independent women when it comes to sex: the lack of pleasure and the embarrassment of talking to their partners. A virtuous woman should abstain from sex? When making love, women should be cold without any passion? The pursuit of the ultimate orgasm is a lack of self-love? Are women who want to pursue pleasure, talk about sex, and use sex? Are they sluts who want to pursue pleasure, boldly talk about sexual desire, use sex toys ? Lust, like appetite, should be a generous thing that everyone can enjoy, not obscene! Women in the modern sense should be able to better understand their own bodies, feel their own sexual pleasure and pursue their own orgasms! Remember that there is no sin in making your body happy and pleasing a woman who knows how to please herself!

So Sex Toy Is A Toy Which Makes You Feel Happy 🙂